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If you just don’t have the patience, time or supplies to pack up your own belongings before a move, let Heroes Moving & Storage handle it. We offer professional packing and unpacking services throughout Richmond and beyond. Have us pack a few items or have us pack it all: your choice!

Part of our service includes padding and shrink wrapping furniture. We take great care to ensure your belongings remain safe, thanks to our well trained professional packers who know how best to protect items in a move. For example, we always pack plates vertically rather than horizontal, which poses a breakage risk. When packed one on top of the other, each plate’s weight is added to the previous plate, causing enough pressure to crack during the move.

Our professional packers are speedy. They can pack up an entire house in a few hours, where it may take you a week or more. Why hassle with a home in disarray for days on end? Let’s get it done, and let’s get it done quick. Put the burden of packing on us. We even accept liability for damages during the move while the package is in our possession.

moving and packing richmond va

Packing Supplies For Sale

If you do decide to pack your belongings yourself, we offer all the moving supplies you will need.

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Our prices are affordable for moving supplies. But if you decide to let us handle all the packing, you will be amazed at affordable our service really is!

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