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Heroes Moving & Storage serves Richmond, VA and the surrounding areas with gun safe moves for residential homeowners and commercial business owners. In fact, we will move any large, heavy or awkward object you may have, including pianos, gun and floor safes, money safes, fire and flood secured safes, and large appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, and stoves.

Gun safes and some home security safes are large, heavy, and treacherous to move. Don’t attempt this yourself. Without special equipment or training, you risk injury to yourself, others and even damage to the object being moved. We know how to moves safes and other large items without risking damage to your home or the object.

NOTE: Ammunition and weapons must be transported separately for safety and to meet gun law requirements. Movers cannot transport ammunition because it is considered a combustible material.

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​Consider this scenario: you have just sold your home and have moved all belongings out except your large safe. You thought you could move it with the help of friends and some brute strength, but you underestimated this monster. Perhaps you experienced heavy damage such as dented or gouged wood floors, torn carpet, scarred thresholds and holes in walls.

That damage is now holding up your closing, at least until a settlement is negotiated. This nightmare scenario does not have to happen to you. Contact us! We know what we are doing when moving heavy, difficult items. We will remove that safe and anything else seamlessly and quickly.

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When you’re planning to move and have a significant sized safe, give Heroes Moving & Storage a ring. We will happily help you plan your move and get your safe to the right spot safely. For more information, please contact our team today and we’ll discuss the best moving options for you. To get a free estimate on moving your gun safe or any other kind of safe, contact us at

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