Climate Controlled Storage

climate controlled storage in richmond va

Heroes Moving & Storage manages the temperature in the storage warehouse, with a high-quality HVAC system. The facility is designed to ensure warmer temperature than the outside temperature in cold weather, and cooler that the outside temperature in hot weather. All the storage vaults are raised at least 4 inches off the floor to allow for air circulation. Pest and rodent deterrents are deployed regularly.

​Some examples of climate-sensitive belongings are computers, clocks, electronics, photos, negatives, photo albums books, antiques, musical instruments and paintings. These items should not be stored in sheds, garages, and attics. Instead, inquire about our affordable plans and keep your treasures safe.

Your Treasures are Secure in Heroes Storage Facility

We maintain security in our climate-controlled storage warehouse with steel doors, a contracted alarm security system and an in house, 16 state of the art camera security system- which guards against fire, theft, brutal cold winter days or hot humid summer days.

Packing Supplies

Check our packing supplies pricing.

  • Large, medium and small boxes
  • wardrobe box
  • mattress bag (all sizes)
  • furniture pad
  • packing paper
  • mirror/picture box
  • dish barrel box
  • e-Crates
  • tape and cushion foam
  • bubble wrap.

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climate controlled storage in richmond va

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