Tips for Moving Day

Taking moving advice is a very resourceful thing to do. Moving is a huge project. Many don’t know or understand the extent of it until they experience moving firsthand. While a shared experience, it is not the same for everyone. In fact, it’s very different in many ways. While the moving day process is intimidating, the end result is rewarding.

Our Virginia professional movers have put together a few tips for moving day along with a move-in day checklist. These will help families who are relocating be as prepared as possible for their large life change. You can check out our other moving blogs that also have tips for packing and other helpful moving hints.

What to Expect on Moving Day

There is a lot to expect on moving day. Moving is a very high-stake life change. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for a lot to go wrong. That is why it’s important to be as prepared as possible. You should expect your moving company to be very hands-on and take the lead. Should there be any crazy or unexpected bumps, you will have an entire team of professionals to help you through them.

Expect your movers to show up on time. They should also categorize and pack your belongings accordingly. This might be done in a way that you are not familiar with. Expect some delays because it’s hard to gauge how difficult moving some items will be until you are physically in the process of moving them.

Move-In Day Checklist

Heroes Moving and Storage moves people in and out of homes every day. With their team’s combined knowledge, they have curated this checklist for you on your exciting moving journey!

Wake Up Early and Pack Last Minute Items

For many people, there probably wasn’t much sleep going on the night before their big move. Regardless, waking up early can be very helpful. It will enable you to collect all the last-minute, lingering belongings before the movers arrive. Both the people moving and those who are moving them should be as prepared as possible.

Put Aside a Bag With Personal Items Not Going in the Moving Truck

Whether you and your family are traveling by plane or your own car to your new home, there will most likely be a few days before the moving truck arrives with all your belongings. It’s always important to pack a bag with your everyday belongings, valuables, and changes of clothes for a few days.

Meet With the Movers

This should be a rather easy step. Once you meet with your movers, the process will officially begin. They should have an already carved-out plan for how they will move your already-packed boxes. It is definitely good to oversee and monitor them because it is your personal belongings that they will be handling. It doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on things.

Check and Double Check for Items Left Behind

There have been so many horror stories of people leaving very valuable items behind after their moves. Make sure to check all closets and small, obscure corners in the house. It would be very devastating to leave something behind, especially if you are moving very far away.

Make a Clean Getaway

Make sure the house is clean and completely empty. No one wants to move into a dirty house with other people’s belongings in it. Also, you should take ample pictures to have proof of how you left your house. You may need these in the event that anything comes up about the location’s condition after you have moved out.

Unpack and Relax in Your New Home

The best is saved for last. Unpacking is another monster you’ll need to tackle. Remember that getting to this step of having all your belongings arrive at your final destination is something to celebrate.

Move In With Heroes Moving and Storage

Heroes Moving Storage is here to assist you in your transition. If you have any further questions about anything on our move-in checklist, contact Heroes Moving and Storage today. Our professionals are here to help and would love to answer all of your questions.

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