Halloween Decoration Storage

Halloween is fast approaching, and that means all the decorations and costumes will soon consume your home. Skeletons, ghosts, spider webs, and more will be covering most surfaces in homes, stores, and restaurants – you name it! So what happens when the holiday has come and gone, and now it’s time to figure out where to put all of the decorations. Heroes Moving & Storage can help! 


Our storage services include a high-quality HVAC system to keep our units climate-controlled and protect whatever our customers need to store. We also offer long- and short-term storage needs. Our experts have put together some tips for Halloween decoration storage.



Tip #1: Use Easily Identifiable Halloween Storage Containers

Most people store their decorations in boxes and other containers, which can easily cause confusion between the different holidays. The easiest way to avoid this is by using Halloween storage containers. For example, you can use themed boxes so that the spooky season ones are easy to spot. 



Tip #2: Use Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are one of the best options for storage because they fit a lot and are easy to work with. Plus, they easily stack in storage units or attics. This will also protect the decorations from any environmental changes. You can even get Halloween bins to work the same as a color coding system. 



Tip #3: Take Inventory for Each Tub

As you are packing each bin, make a list of what decorations are inside so that you can keep yourself organized. This will help you find certain decorations more easily in the future. Then, when you go to repack them, you’ll be able to pack them in the same bin because you know they will fit.  



Tip #4: Use Resealable Plastic Bags for Paper and Fabric Items

To keep more fragile items, like those made of paper or fabric, safe from damage like bugs and moisture, you could also use Halloween Tupperware to keep all the smaller wrapped paper and fabric pieces together.



Tip #5: Label Each Bag With Contents

Labeling everything inside each bag, much like labeling each bin, will help keep you organized and helps you know what goes where because it already fits. It will be like a checklist for you every time to unpack and pack the decorations again.



Tip #6: Use Bubble Wrap to Protect Items

When packing fragile items or decorations that are glass or breakable, wrap them in bubble wrap to protect them. Padded envelopes for smaller items are great, too. The more protective layers also mean more space will be taken up in the bins, so plan accordingly.



Tip #7: Place Smaller Items Inside Larger Items

When storing decorations and trying to create more space, the easiest way to do so is to put smaller items inside larger ones. Make sure to secure the items to reduce any rattling or damage to the smaller items. 



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