Moving: A Geek’s Guide

Moving isn’t easy on anyone, but if you are a self-proclaimed geek, the process may be even tougher than usual. You may have a lot of expensive and delicate collections of action figures, retro video game systems, and tabletop RPG boxes that all need TLC, but all need different levels of care. Here’s how to reduce stress while packing and moving all your geekiest items.

Pack the Worst First

There are certain collections that will be more difficult and unenjoyable to pack than others. Take your 6,000 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle, for instance, which is light years harder to pack than a few tabletop games that can be placed in a box. Figure out what’s most delicate and start packing those first. You will thank yourself later.

Determine What’s Fragile and Prized, and What’s Not

There are some things that have more sentimental value to you than others.  Maybe you have a Barbie or He-Man figurine that you’ve had since the age of 6. You don’t want these precious items to get damaged or lost. Not all your items will be prized possessions like that, though, so make sure you go through them all and determine what deserves your utmost attention and what doesn’t.

Items of lesser importance that have some heft and durability can be placed in boxes together, while more fragile items will need to be wrapped and stored individually.

Label Your Stuff

Hopefully, you have one dedicated space or room where you keep all your collectibles. This makes it easier to pack, sort, organize and label. If you will be putting different items in different rooms in your new home, you will have to be diligent about labeling. Don’t just label the item name, label where it’s going. Also, pack them by room with other like items. For instance, if your Harry Potter collection will be going in your bedroom, pack it and place it with your bedroom stuff.

Remember to pack items the way they are supposed to be packed. For instance, for priceless movie posters, roll them up and put them in poster protectors. If you have a Darth Vader cookie jar, wrap it carefully as you would your dishware.

How To Pack Specific Items

Of course, some items are bulky, small, cumbersome and just plain awkward to pack. Here’s how you can handle those:

  • LEGO Sets: Place the entire set in a labeled box or a plastic bin.
  • Matchbox/Hotwheels Cars: Place these in a pelican case or rifle case so they’re cushioned for the ride and won’t scratch against each other.
  • Vinyl Dolls: Dolls such as Monster High, Ever After High, or Barbie can stain from certain dyes. Wrap them in white tissue paper or white towels, not colored ones, to avoid color seepage.

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