How to Store Holiday Decorations?

Since the holiday season is quickly approaching, it is time to start planning how to store holiday decorations after the season is over. Whether you need to pack big decorations or small, there are specific ways to store each of them. Some of them aren’t the easiest to find storage options for, but all of them should be handled with care and stored in proper containers. 

Our experts have years of experience in storing and dealing with different holiday decorations and how to keep them safe in storage for the year. Heroes Moving and Storage has a variety of holiday decor storage ideas. We would also like our readers to know that these can double as packing tips for your next move, too!


Holiday Storage Ideas

There is plenty of storage for holiday decorations that will keep your decor in great condition until they are ready to be used the following year. Let’s get started with some easy ways to store your holiday decorations.

Declutter Old Decorations

Before worrying about how to store your decorations, start by decluttering and getting rid of some older decorations. If you keep your decorations in a storage unit or even in your attic, it will be helpful to be mindful of the space. If you have decorations that won’t be used or could be replaced, then it is time to part ways. 

Ornament Chests

To store your ornaments safely, you can buy or DIY an ornament chest. This is a box with separators so that each ornament has its own place that will keep them from knocking against each other while moving them from your house to storage or into the attic. If you are going to make this box yourself, then you can use a plastic storage bin and cardboard to create pockets for the ornaments. If you have recently moved or have leftover boxes, then those can be cut and used in the bins as well.

Wreath Case

Another holiday decor storage idea from our Richmond movers is to use wreath cases to protect your wreaths until the next holiday season. These cases are created to help wreaths keep their shape without getting damaged. It is important to also consider getting crush-proof cases to add that extra protection. 

Wrapping Paper Storage

If you ever find yourself at the end of gift wrapping and you have a lot of leftover wrapping paper, there are storage options to help you out. This is another purchase or DIY option. You can get a storage item that is specifically designed for keeping wrapping paper, ribbons, and other wrapping tools organized and in one place. Another option is to purchase a longer plastic bin that fits your wrapping paper. Keep in mind that you will need to have enough room to store the other wrapping tools with it. 


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If you are still wondering how to store holiday decorations, contact our Virginia movers today! Our experts are happy to answer any questions you may have about holiday decor storage or our moving services.

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