How to Pack Electronics for Moving

When it is time to start packing up your house, there are a few items that may need special attention. Heroes Moving and Storage has years of experience in working with packing specialty items like electronics. Packing electronics can be a tedious task, as they come in many different sizes and shapes, and they can be difficult to transport. 

Our professional packers have all the supplies and knowledge to help our customers learn how to pack electronics for moving. Here we will also share some steps you should take when preparing these items for your move. 

Packing Electronics

While it may be tedious, it is possible to move electronics without any damage or problems. This can even be done if you are undergoing a long-distance residential move. Before you start packing, take some time to plan and get a few things in order:

  • Make sure you have all of your manuals together. If you do not have the physical copies, be sure to digitally download any missing manuals. 
  • Look into getting insurance for your electronics. Some companies offer transit protection coverage or moving insurance to cover your electronics and other items during a move.
  • Add tracking to your phones and other electronic devices. If they don’t have one or you are unable to download a tracking app for them, you can invest in chips that can be attached to the devices and tracked. 
  • Take out any batteries. Batteries can overheat and leak if not kept in proper condition. It is best to remove them to ensure your remotes and other electronics don’t get ruined. 
  • Charge any electronics that need it. Phones and rechargeable batteries should be charged closer to the move than others. 
  • Make sure all devices are empty of any CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, or anything else before the move. It is also important to tape any drives shut on all devices. 
  • Remove toner and ink cartridges from your printer. Keep these in a plastic, dust-proof bag to keep them safe during transit. 
  • Back up your computer or any other electronic devices that hold information. 

This is a great checklist to run through before you start packing everything up. Once you get to the packing part, we have a few tips for you. 

Label Your Items and Cables

The last thing you will want to worry about when you start to unpack is trying to remember which cables go with which device. The best way to avoid confusion is to label and group them as you start unplugging and packing your electronics. There are different ways to do this, including:

  • Get white and assorted colored stickers.
  • Before unplugging any cables, use the colored stickers to mark which ends go into the device.
  • Label or mark the cable sockets on each device with stickers.
  • Put white stickers on the cables and write which device they plug into.
  • If it is a power supply or power cord, label it with what is powered on a sticker.
  • Remove the cables, coil them, and wrap them with an elastic band to secure them.
  • Put labeled and secured cords into bags to keep them organized and together.

As a reference, before unplugging anything, you should take pictures of how the cables are plugged into the devices. 

How to Protect TV When Moving

Another tip for how to pack electronics for moving is about your TV. Many people wonder how to protect TV when moving. The following tips can help protect your TV, computer monitors, and any other electronic screens. 

  1. Start at the top of the TV, and wrap the center of it with multiple layers of bubble wrap. Using 2 to 3 layers should be enough to add a protective layer to the screen. 
  2. Pad each corner of the TV or screen with pieces of foam and secure them with tape. 
  3. Lay out a moving blanket and place the TV in the center, with the screen side facing up. Next, fold the blanket over the TV, wrapping it like a gift.
  4. Secure the edges of the folded blanket with packing tape, followed by wrapping the blanketed TV with stretch wrap from top to bottom and then again from side to side.

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