How to Pack Wine for Moving

Moving wine, regardless of the amount, can be a scary task to take on. You can move one bottle or a whole case. Either way, it is very important to pack each bottle properly when moving wine. Heroes Moving & Storage is using its extensive knowledge in all things packing and moving to help our customers have seamless moves. 

There is more to packing wine bottles than just a cardboard box. Here are a few tips to follow to ensure that you won’t have to deal with any broken bottles during your move. 

How to Transport Wine Bottles

The main thing to remember is that no matter how much wine is being moved, it must be handled with care. The last thing anyone wants to deal with on an already stress-inducing day is a bottle of red wine shattering on the ground and staining anything close to it.

Tip #1: Talk With Your Moving Company

If you choose to use our residential movers, then the best thing to do first is to talk and plan with them. Check with our team to make sure they are cable and comfortable moving the liquid, especially if it is in larger, more expensive amounts. There are also options for wine specialists to handle moving a collection. We also recommend getting an appraisal done on larger collections so you can know how to approach the transportation and communicate properly with the moving team or the specialists helping.

Tip #2: Know How to Pack the Bottles

How to pack wine for moving is not as simple as stuffing them into a box. A key component is to use specialized wine moving boxes that were made for transport. Some of these are styrofoam with cardboard inserts to keep the bottles from clinking together during the moving process. It is also important to keep the corks of red and white wine bottles wet, meaning that the bottle should be packed upside down or on their sides. If you are packing champagne or other sparkling wines, those should be packed upright to avoid them being too shaken up upon arrival or possibly exploding on the way. One of the most important parts of this step is to label your wine boxes ‘FRAGILE’ once everything is packed and sealed up.

Tip #3: Keep the Temperature in Mind 

Checking the weather before a move is always a good idea, especially when moving wine. Any extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can affect the liquid. If it is a smaller collection or just a few bottles, then the AC of a car or truck should be okay. If the collection is larger, then a climate-controlled moving truck is recommended to keep the quality of the wine intact. 

Tip #4: Learn Local Regulations

If you are using long-distance moving services, then it will help to learn any regulations there may be in your new area. Some states and counties have laws in place that regulate how wine and other alcohol are transported and the amount that is allowed for personal use. You don’t want to cause or get into any trouble before you have even settled in your new home. Do your research and make the proper adaptations before the move. 

Tip #5 Allow Your Wine to Rest After Unpacking

After moving, even if it was a short distance, remember that when unpacking your wine, it is very important to let the bottles rest before opening. There is plenty of shaking involved with the transport, no matter how perfectly the wine was packed, so let it settle first. Every day of travel equals a week of rest for the bottles. If it took 2 days to travel, then the wine should go untouched for at least 14 days. Opening the wine too early after the move can also result in a loss of flavor because of all the movement. 

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