The Ultimate Guide to Setting up a Home Gym

Many people decided to add a fitness room or gym to their homes during the coronavirus shutdowns when their own gyms had to close their doors. And if you’re facing a move during this time and have to transport your gym equipment from one place to another, it’s important to hire an experienced mover who can handle this level of heavy lifting.

Check out these tips on how you can set up the ideal workout space in your new home.

Build an Atmosphere That Inspires Activity

No one wants to feel like they are working out in a dungeon. But the fact remains that many home gyms are located in the basement or other spare room with minimal ventilation and windows. This just means you have to get more creative with design to inspire you to keep going and to spark motivation.

Make sure you add plenty of natural light, which you can try to mimic with recessed lights featuring bright white bulbs, if you don’t have access to windows.

Pick bold colors to properly set the tone for your workout space, such as oranges, bright blues, and pinks.

Create Enough Space

It’s important to create enough space to accommodate all your fitness routines. Don’t just cram a corner with a bunch of random equipment. You’ll find yourself having to navigate around a lot of clutter just to get your workout in. Space it out and create workout zones where everything has its place. One area should have barbells and dumbbells, while another may be your stretching area, and still another will contain your cardio equipment.

Add Mirrors

To achieve the illusion of more space, and to give you plenty of images of yourself as you work out and assess your technique, add plenty of mirrors along at least one wall.

Protect Floors and Joints

Why sacrifice your floors to your workouts? Protect them with the proper coverings, such as interlocking foam mats. Don’t assume just because you have old, thin carpeting or concrete flooring you don’t care about that it’s OK to work out on those materials. Those are very hard surfaces that can harm your feet and joints over time. If you have the money, you may want to replace your existing subfloor with basket weave, made out of soft woods like maple.

Add Storage

Keep your space clutter-free with storage units, open cubbies, racks and shelves. This way, you can easily locate the equipment you need, and it’s all out of the way so you don’t trip on it. You may even want to bolt a lifted shelving system into the wall for safety and to save on space.

Now that you have designed your home workout space, it’s time to hire movers that can set it all up for you!

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