Peak Moving Season in VA

Heroes Moving & Storage knows that relocating at different times of the year can change the dynamic of your move, especially in Virginia. Summers are hot, winters are freezing, and knowing when the best time to move might help you in the long run. 


Summer is normally the peak moving season. Yes, it is hot, but it is better than moving in freezing temperatures. In Virginia and other states, summer is the busiest season for moving. If you are wondering why here are some reasons:


  • Perfect weather
  • Children are not in school
  • Garage sale season
  • Peak home selling season
  • Better work schedule flexibility


Perfect Weather

Our Virginia moving company has experience in trying to move during cooler times like fall and winter. It can often be tougher than it needs to be. Not only does the colder weather play a factor, but there is also increased danger. There is a higher chance that the walkways will be slippery, and moving heavier objects with the chance of slipping is very dangerous. 


Summer might be busy, but there will be fewer weather-related delays. It is also important to book as early in advance as possible. Warm, sunny weather means more daylight, and more daylight means more time for movers to move in and out of the home with ease. If the move is a big one, then this will be highly beneficial. 


Children Are Not in School

For families with school-age children moving to Virginia, summer won’t disrupt the school year. This means the avoidance of interrupting the school year or the day-to-day for the kids. Plus, if they are a little older, then you’ll have extra hands to help with the move.


If this is the first move for your children, then going through the motions and practicing the move can help get them excited and prepared for it. 


Garage Sale Season

Summer is not only the peak moving season but also the peak garage sale season. This is a great time to clean out and get a fresh start on your new home. It will also be a great time to look for items for your new home at a discounted price. Garage sales also allow you to save some money by clearing out the extra stuff before your move. 


Peak Home Selling Season

Peak home-selling season and moving season often go hand in hand. Increased demand for homes also means it should be easier to sell your home. During the spring and summer months, there are more buyers on the market than there are in the fall and winter months.


Better Work Schedule Flexibility

Summer often means more time for working people to move. Now it is common for more businesses to be adaptable with time off requests during warmer months. Other organizations even change working hours throughout the mid-year months allowing for more flexible time for their employees to move if needed. 


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