Office Relocation Timetable: What to Expect

When faced with relocating your entire office, it can get very overwhelming very quickly as you are panicking about how little time you have to complete everything. But no worries: when you have a clear office relocation timeline and experienced commercial movers in Richmond behind you, the process is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Here’s a general timeline of what to expect when moving your office.

6 Weeks Prior to Move

  • Determine size and scope of your move: You can’t do much until you’re aware of the full nature of your transition. Take stock of what you have, what you need, what space requirements you need to follow, etc. Research movers, get quotes, and nail down a project move-in date.
  • Confirm the new location: Make sure the new location is ready and waiting for your arrival. Get blueprints of the layout and take measurements in both spaces to see what you can bring and what will have to be put in storage.
  • Give notice: Give your employees and vendors plenty of notice as to when you’ll be making the move, what the location will be, what their role is, and how the move will affect them.
  • Keep detailed records: You’ll need to keep up a consistent and detailed inventory to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Take photos of high-value items and document everything, just in case there is a discrepancy later.

4 Weeks Prior to Move

  • Take a closer look at your budget: Have all moving expenses been approved, accounted for and paid? What is still pending? Decide what package you want from your movers so you can come up with a final budget, i.e., packing and storage in addition to the actual move.
  • Shop around for furniture: It’s unlikely that your new office will have the same square footage and layout as your old one. Otherwise, why would you move? Assuming you are moving because you have outgrown the old space, you will have more space in the new location that will have to be filled with furniture, supplies and computers. Determine what those are, shop for what you need, and arrange for delivery at the appropriate dates.
  • Contact the utility company: Set up utilities in the new place for a seamless transition come moving day. Confirm again one week ahead of time.

3 Weeks Prior to Move

  • Tell clients about the change in address: You can send out an email blast or do a cold call. Either way, confirm that each of your clients knows about the change in address or hours. Put it on the home page of your website as well as all social platforms.
  • Prepare your inventory: Plan for disassembly, storage, and packing of all items, including furniture and electronics, that will be making the trip with you.
  • Clear away the clutter: This is a perfect time to de-clutter your business. Why take things with you that you no longer need? Purge old documents, broken printers, and unused supplies.

1 to 2 Weeks Prior to Move

  • Start packing: From paperwork to desks, this is the time to start packing everything up.

Moving Day

  • Do one final walkthrough: It never hurts to double check. You’d be surprised by what gets left behind or overlooked in the rush of things.

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