How to Move a Mattress the Right Way

If you have a bed, you have a mattress. And if you’re moving, you likely have several beds and mattresses to move. If you’ve ever tried to hold up a mattress, you know this is at least a two-person job. You can’t just assume you’ll move your mattresses with a couple friends and assume all will be well.

The average king sized mattress weighs between 130 and 180 pounds, so they’re quite heavy and can actually be damaged pretty easily. Here’s what to consider if you want to safely move your mattress.

Packing a Mattress

Like anything else in a move, you should take the time to properly prepare and pack your mattress. You’ll first want to protect the bedding so it makes it through the move unscathed. After all, a mattress should represent a pure and clean place to lay your head, and you don’t want to contaminate it with dirt or bacteria. There will be many hands on your mattress during the moving process!

Not only can your mattress get stained, it can get torn, wet from rain, and weak from the jostling.

  • Buy a mattress moving box or bag, which are available in standard mattress sizes.
  • Remove all covers, sheets, pillows, and mattress toppers from the bed, packing them separately in a large moving box.
  • Remove the mattress from the bed, leaning it for now against the wall — long side up.
  • Slip the bag over the mattress.
  • Push all air out of the bag, sealing the ends with tape
  • If using a mattress box, lay the mattress on the ground and slide it into the box. Fill gaps with bubble wrap.
  • Seal with duct tape.

If a mattress bag or box isn’t in the budget, you can wrap your mattress in old blankets.

Clear a Path

Moving a mattress, even for professionals, comes with impaired vision due to the sheer size of this item. Your movers will be going on faith that their next steps are clear. Do them a favor by making sure the most direct path from the bedroom to the door and then the truck is free from obstacles.

  • Remove items that could be blocking the walkways and stairs
  • Remove breakables along the route such as hanging photos, vases and lamps.
  • Make sure all doors are open.
  • Clear the outdoor pathway of leaves, twigs and debris.

Unpacking Your Mattress

Once your mattress is dropped off at the new home, remove all wrappings and tape, inspecting the mattress as you go. If you think the mattress may have been compromised in some way, such as exposed to rain, sprinkle baking soda on the surface, let it sit, then vacuum it up. Prop it up near an open window to let it air out.

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