4 Things That are Harder to Move Than You Think

When packing up your belongings for a residential move, it’s very tempting to handle all items on your own. This may be true of packing your own boxes of clothing, but there are some items that require extra attention and skills. Check out these items that are more difficult to move than you would assume, and that may require the assistance of professional movers.

1.  Pianos

Pianos, no matter how small, are heavy and challenging to move. While they are large and cumbersome, they also feature small, intricate parts on the inside that are easily damaged. This translates to a moving nightmare if you attempt to do it yourself. You could cause damage to the instrument itself as well as to the surrounding walls and floors – not to mention the damage to your back or neck. That’s why most people either leave them behind during a move or hire professional piano movers.

2.  Fish Tanks

Fish tanks are large and heavy, which makes them hard to move. Plus, many fish don’t survive the trip due to the sloshing of the water and fluctuating conditions. To ensure their survival, you’ll have to take the proper steps to get the tank ready for transport by your movers. Here are some tips:

Empty out the fish tank mostly, but leave a bit of water there so the existing bacteria colony will still be there when you refill it. Place the fish into small containers or bags, filled with tank water, and transport them in your own vehicle.

Once you’re in the new place, set up the tank first thing. Float the bags in the new tank so your fish can better acclimate to the new temperature prior to transferring them into the tank.

3.     Safes

Large personal safes and gun safes can weigh hundreds if not thousands of pounds. It would be almost impossible to move a safe like that even a few feet without the proper equipment – let alone down the hallway, stairs and into the truck. Talk about a big safety risk! Professional movers bring the proper equipment and take the proper safety precautions to move your safe.  They also know how to dismantle your safe for the best mode of transport. For example, with a gun safe, movers will take off the door and handles, wrap them in plastic and blankets, and attach them back on when in the new location.

4.  House Plants

Plants are common items many people don’t realize are tricky to move. You’re transporting a large container of dirt first of all, which can get messy. Then when you contend with extreme temperatures and a long drive, plant fatalities are likely. The best way to guard against that is to just leave them where they are.

If this is not possible, you’ll have to transfer your plant to a plastic pot if it is currently in a heavy ceramic one. Start this process a few weeks before your move so they have time to settle. Take them with you in your own vehicle so you can control the temperature and make sure they don’t shift.

While some items are tough to move, it’s not an impossible task. You just have to do your homework and gather the right equipment. If you’d rather not do it yourself, hire a professional mover skilled in transporting heavy, awkward items.

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