6 Tips for Preparing Office Furniture for Moving Day

Moving your office comes with its own challenges, blessings and curses. You may be moving into a larger space, or you’re consolidating due to budget cuts. Whatever the case, there are many moving parts to an office move that require strategic organization to ensure your relocation goes smoothly. Here’s how to best prepare your office furniture for the big day.

1.    Empty Out the Drawers

Nobody likes this part of moving, but it has to be done nonetheless. Clean out the drawers of all desks and filing cabinets in the office. If you keep the contents in the drawers, this will make the furniture that much heavier, increasing the risk of injury for yourself and your movers. For safety and liability, you should unpack all drawers before moving day so they don’t have to do it themselves and then charge you for it.

2.     Unbolt Furniture

Before your movers arrive, unbolt all furniture, shelving, joined desks and cubicle dividers. This will save the movers time, and will also save you money.

3.     Disassemble Furniture

Keep track of all loose screws, bolts, or other important components of your office furniture. Remove them carefully and put them in plastic baggies. Use painter’s tape to keep them with their respective pieces of furniture. This will make it much easier to assemble everything back together in the new place.

4.    Hire Professional Movers

This part should never be skipped, especially when you’re facing a commercial move. Do your research and settle on a team with vast experience in commercial moving, which means they understand exactly what is involved with packing and transporting office furniture and sensitive files. They are trained for efficiency to save your business time, money and productivity.

5.    Label Everything

The more specific, the better. Use color coded stickers or markers to show what is in each box and where it will go in the new office. This will prevent you from having to relocate furniture later on once assembled and much heavier.

6.     Create a Floor Plan

If you can, visit your new office space and come up with a floor plan. Consider which employees will be in which offices, what furniture will go in each room, where the filing cabinets will be placed, and how you will arrange desks. When you give your movers a detailed plan, this helps them place things in the right spot the first time around.

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